Combination Trip Arc Fault Breakers

Combination Trip Arc Fault Breakers

Combination Arc fault breakers are required on all living areas not protected by GFCI protection or that are 220v circuits.

These means electricians can no longer ”fake” the Ground anymore, which makes “cost saving electricians” have to do the job the right way and keeps you and your home safer.

The arc fault breaker can trip rather often, but it is a good thing to have and please call or email us if you are not sure if they are installed in your home. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to replace wiring from people overloading circuits or melting the wire in the wall and the breaker never tripped! – very dangerous.

Some brands have a very high trip rating and some electricians only install the bare minimum to meet code.

14 gauge wire (found in probably 80% of homes on all general living area circuits) is only rated to handle 15 amps, it can in some instances carry 20amps but for short periods and any prolonged over-amped use can damage the wire and eventually melt it and sometimes catch fire.

Arc Fault Breakers trip at the first sign of problems, when there is to much heat or any kind of arc or heavy surge on the line.

If you haven’t installed the new breakers yet, or if you would like more information about this, please use one of the links below, and stay safe.

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