Electric System Inspection Could Save Your Home and Life

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have periodic electrical inspections of your home’s wiring and electrical network.

Please prevent events like the below happening to you by calling Lightning Bug Electric today and requesting an electrical inspection of your Home.

An electrical fire early Monday,¬†swept through¬†a Brownsville home destroying the family’s home, belongings and even a vehicle.

Brownsville Interim Fire Marshal Cpt. Chris Gracia said a fused wire likely sparked the blaze in the attic.

“(The attic) is a very open area – it’s very hot up there (and) that much space can really start going,” Gracia said. “Once a fire starts in an attic, unfortunately it’s very difficult to stop because it’s completely over the entire house.”

Gracia said much like going to the doctor or dentist for a yearly check-up, homeowners need to make sure their home’s electrical wiring is working properly, especially in older homes, to ensure it is keeping up with the family’s needs.

“Do you have enough circuit breakers? Gracia said. “Do you have enough outlets? If you’re using a lot of extension cords or using a lot of power strips, then obviously you don’t have enough outlets. If you are doing that, then you are asking (for) more than what that area was rated for when the home was built.”

Gracia said people should hire a licensed electrician to inspect their homes at least every 5 to 10 years, or sooner if you spot any warning signs. “If you see any flickering lights – especially if it’s in one part of the home and not the others that’s a sign that there’s electrical problems in your home,” Gracia said. “Another one, is melting of any kind…at the breakers, at the outlets (or) at the switches.”

Those looking to build a home, Gracia said, should be honest with their electrician about how much current they plan to use at the home.

“Much like water going through a hose, if you squeeze down on a hose, you get more pressure and the water goes further,” Gracia said. “Well the same thing happens with electricity. If you squeeze down on it or you have too much current load, it has more pressure — (but) the thing with electricity though, is pressure equals heat and that heat can start a fire.”

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