Loose Electrical Connections

Routine maintenance on your electrical system can save you money or even your life.

Loose connection’s have been the largest contributing factor of electrical failure and fire.

They heat up because electricity cause’s vibration and over time they can begin to melt and eventually fail completely. A routine electrical maintenance, performed by a licensed electrician, can save the homeowner money and provide piece of mind.

I highly recommend;

  • a yearly electrical panel inspection (where the most severe and most expensive damage can occur)
  • replace all outlet’s that are intermittent or where plugs can slide in and out easily

Try and have your entire electrical sytem inspected every 3-5 year’s. It has been my experience that there are alot of hidden problem’s within your home that are just waiting to come to a boil. Have a professional inspect your system and make sure they are thorough;

  • will they get into the attic to check for open boxes and chewed wire’s
  • will they open all panel cover’s and check inside
  • will they check EVERY outlet in the home with their plug tester

they should and Lightning Bug Electric does.

If there is any question that your home may have an electrical problem call us today and schedule an appointment for a routine electrical maintenance and inspection, please don’t wait until you it’s to late.

Tony Blanca ~ Owner

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