Atlanta Home Show 2015

Looking for something to do? Come check out the Atlanta Home Show this weekend!

We will be representing with Consult-A-Home-Pro. Come Check us out and consider membership with an amazing group of trusted professionals. (see below)

The largest Home Show in Georgia! The Cobb Galleria transforms into a one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs! For 37 years the Spring Atlanta Home Show has been improving home lifestyles and adding value to your largest single investment, your home. We’re proud of our ability to produce a family friendly environment and welcome you to our home.


Cobb Galleria Centre
Two Galleria Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339

We will be at booth #1624


Friday, March 20: 10am-6pm
Saturday, March 21: 10am-7pm
Sunday, March 22: 11am-5pm


Helping Homeowners to do business with “Contractors We Know and Trust”

Consult A Home Pro a.k.a. (CAHP) is a network of home service professionals committed to connecting quality professional home service providers who adhere to the highest standards, including quality products and excellent service along with unprecedented follow through.

CAHP Members Core Values include:

Commit to giving and not taking—service over self.
Maintain all insurances and licenses required by the trade or professional specialty.
Actively support the team and participate in team events.
Provide fairly priced home and property solutions.
Always seek to exceed homeowners expectations.
Always seek to exceed referring member expectations.
Provide honest, ethical, trustworthy services that satisfy building code and good building practices.

Please head over to their website to find out more information on Contractor and Homeowner Memberships.

See You There!

Tony B.

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The Electrical Numbers Game

East Cobb Electrician, Lightning Bug Electric  brings you – The electrical numbers game!

100 – The percent that Scotland wants to be reliant on only renewable energy by 2025!

99 – The year the Arc Fault Breaker makes its first appearance in the National Electric Code 210-12

98 – (1898) the year of many patents by Nikola Tesla (the true creator of electricity)

97 – The year I started my career as an electrician! : )

96 – (1896) the invention of the first portable electric lantern or what we now call the flash light!

90-95 – The percent of electricity wasted on heat in the standard incandescent light bulb!

89 – (#89) the stuff journalists like – electricity!

88 – (1888) Tesla invents the AC motor and joins the Westinghouse Company

87 – The population on the Island of Eigg in Scotland that get 90% of the power used from renewable resources!

86 – (1886) Philip Diehl got the patent on the electric lighting system (he is the creator of induction lighting)

85 – The year the Sinclair C5 electric vehicle was released, unfortunately it wasn’t a good design.

84 – (1984) a very strange movie came out “Electric Dreams”, had to have some fun with this people!

83 – (1883) Lighting was added to a Naval Ship for the very first time!

82 – (1882) Thomas Edison created the first commercial electrical system!

81 – The first Electric Tram System began service

80 – (1880’s) ushered in the birth of the Electric Power Industry in the United States setting the world we know in motion!

Lightning Bug Electric Presents The Difference

Atlanta Electricians, Lightning Bug Electric prides itself on being different from other Electrical  companies in the performance, care and service they provide to their customers.

Why Lightning Bug Electric is different…

We get a lot of well the other guy is cheaper, lets examine why it is that discounted electrical services are not a good idea!

They may be cheaper but it doesn’t mean they are better, when was the last time you got the best thing for the cheapest price?

How long have they been in business? BBB, Kudzu, Angieslist? References?


If you’re lucky! They may have workers comp…what about general liability? Are the certificates still in affect?


Business license isn’t the only one you need to do electrical work

Who are they?

Do they actually do a background check? Do they call references?

How long has the technician in your home been doing electrical work? When was last time they had updated training?

What products are they installing? Run of the mill or premium, what is the manufacturer warranty? Where is the UL listing?

Will they be there?

Are they a company or a guy, if you question it, call the number you originally called and see if they have an office person to answer the phone, telephone answering service,  or if the guy answers the phone himself while in your  home!

What if there is a problem? will you be able to get them back to fix it?

Do they give you their own price or simply ask to see the other estimate and beat the price by a few bucks?

What is the true value of the service – Did they care about my home? Did they clean up after themselves?

Did they leave home or business in better shape than when they arrived? Did they show concern for my children or pets safety? Is price really the determining factor in value?

When they are done with the job, is that the end of the relationship? Do they really appreciate the work?

Will they say thank and will someone follow up with you to make sure everything went well or to see if you have any questions?

Did they do exactly what they said they would, or did everything change before the job was done? Did they arrive in a reasonable timeframe to what you requested?

The simple truth is that all the insurances, background checks, office personnel, employees, reliable vehicles, all of these things cost money and drive up the cost of doing business. A good company has all these things, and good costs money!

What makes us different?

We are licensed –  EN213246

We are Insured Workers Comp and Liability as well as Assurity Bonded!

We require all technicians go through a background check, driving check, we have training every week on new products, code changes, customer service and safety. We also have all techs drug tested regularly.

We require all technicians on staff to either be individually licensed or working on getting their electrical license.

We follow up on every call to insure quality and to rectify any concerns.

We install only the best products, we don’t just take a manufacturers word and we research the product and check on consumer reports as well as do some testing of our own.

We make sure to send out a thank you card to each customer after every service!

We have office staff available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for calls; we actually answer our own phones!

We are;

  • A+ rated with the BBB
  • 5 star rated with Kudzu
  • A Rating with Angie’s List
  • Numerous references available
  • and we will always be available if you need us!

We have never been the cheap guy on the block, truth is if you are the low guy on every job you don’t have the money to stay in business, where does that leave you, the consumer when or if there is a problem?

Admittedly we may sometimes have a hard time getting to every customer, we are very busy and we don’t just hire anybody, we take our time finding the right kind of person to fit our company, we try our very best to accommodate each and every customer even working on the weekends.

Tony and I even strap on our tools to handle the overflow when we need to. We love our customers and want to make sure they use time and time again as well as recommend us to friends and family.

We are Veteran owned, Tony is a 10 year Navy Vet., we are reputable, we are reliable and we are available to meet your electrical needs, and we are tried and true!


Tony and Milyssa Blanca

Owners ~ Lightning Bug Electric