Tips for Hanging Your Christmas Lights

Many people look forward to the holiday season for one thing—decorating. The holidays give us an excuse to turn our homes and businesses into a light-show extravaganza. From lights on strings to snowman décor to glowing wreaths and piles of fake snow, the holidays can bring out the decorator in all of us. If your aim is to have the best display on your block, our tips can help you take your décor to the next level.

Plan Ahead

Going into decorating with a game plan can make all the difference. Considering how you will place stuff beforehand or what the focal point will be can help ensure that your display doesn’t end up looking messy.

If you have lights, design a plan to hang them:

  • Along the edges of your roof
  • Along your eaves
  • Around the border of your windows or doors
  • In trees, bushes, and other landscape
  • Around posts or pillars
  • Around the driveway or pathway

When planning your design, keep in mind the number of lights you have and the length of the string you will need to achieve your vision. You don’t want to start building your design, only to run out of lights halfway through.

Prepare Your Décor

When preparing your lights for your holiday display, safety is always number one. Checking for frayed or damaged lights as well as making sure not to overload your electrical outlets can help you protect yourself and your home from an accident. It is also a good idea to make sure that your lights are working and aren’t missing any bulbs before you get on the ladder to hang them up.

Get Creative

Part of the fun is breaking away from the traditional house lighting techniques. Mix and match styles of lighting and put colorful bulbs with icicle lights. String lights through a garland and hang that along your fence. It’s your home, and it is the most wonderful time of the year- so enjoy it!

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