How to Prevent an Electrical Fire

Every year, about 26,000 house fires occur and injure or kill over 1,300 people. Many house fires are preventable and following certain electrical rules can help you avoid fire from occurring in your home.

Three steps to avoiding an electrical fire:

  1. Replace old outlets and wiring – Electrical wiring that is over 20 years old could be out of date and a potential hazard. Electrical standards and regulations change over the years, especially as safer technology is created and brought into the market. Also, the older wiring is not designed to withstand the electrical load brought on by our computers, TVs, phone chargers, and more. Overloading a dated system can trigger an electrical fire.
  2. Don’t overload your outlets – Even in a newer home, an overloaded outlet is a hazard. Plugging in too many items, like lamps, toasters, TVs, chargers, coffee makers, etc., into one outlet can cause it to heat up. The wires and outlet can overheat and catch on fire.
  3. Carefully use extension cords – Extension cords are a useful item for any homeowner. They are great for helpful hands, such as getting electricity to your Christmas tree when it is too far from an outlet. However, they were not designed for continuous use. Many homeowners will use extension cords all the time, for year-round use. This can cause them to overheat and catch on fire. If your home just doesn’t have useful outlets without extension cords, higher an electrician to install some in useful places.

Following these three helpful tips can take your potentially at-risk home and make it safer. If you would like more advice on how to make your home more secure when it comes to electrical safety, contact Lightning Bug Electric and schedule a service with one of our Atlanta or Marietta electricians. We can provide the insight you need!

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