5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter


As winter finally arrives in Metro Atlanta once again, so does colder temperatures and inclement weather. Since you will be heating your home constantly throughout the next few months, it’s best to consider what can be accomplished around your home to lower your energy bill. At Lightning Bug Electric, our expert electricians understand how much energy we consume every day. To help you save some extra money, here are five tips from us.

1.) Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

According to the National Resources Defense Council, the most modern refrigerators can save a household over $100 annually compared to units from two decades ago. The same comparison goes for today’s washing machines, which can save $110 more a year than models from the 90’s. Upgrading your appliances can result in savings in the long run.

2.) Purchase Power Strips With Timers or On/Off Switches

Despite not using a particular device, such as your television or cell phone charger, plugged in cords are still able to charge electricity. The best solution is to buy power strips that can switch on and off. Putting all of your electronic devices on these strips enables you to manage your electricity usage better. Thus, saving you power and money.

3.) Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you don’t have one installed already, a programmable thermostats enable users to set schedules in order to determine how much heat is being generated during a particular time of day. For example, when you’re at work during the week, you can set the thermostat at a reduced temperature until it automatically increases when you arrive home each day.

4.) Upgrade Your Lighting

As simple as it sounds, using LED lightbulbs can make a tremendous impact in energy savings. Plus, they are as affordable as incandescent lighting.

5.) Upgrade To Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Trust us, heat can escape through old doors and windows, including their frames, which forces your thermostat to increase its performance and cost you money. The U.S. Department of Energy endorses modern double hung windows which prevent cold air from seeping through.

For more information about energy saving techniques, contact us by calling (404) 471-3847.

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