What is the Difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Contractor?


If you need some electrical work done in your home or office, you may notice that there are various titles used by some of your local electricians. The fact is that there are various types of city and state licenses available.

While certain licenses will vary from state to state, in general, there are two kinds of electrical professionals: electricians and electrical contractors. The following is a breakdown of each role.

Certified Electrician

A certified electrician has completed the necessary requirements to obtain his or her license, such as classroom training with a passing score on city/state examination, a few years of on-the-job training under strict supervision, and adequate insurance coverage policy. Electricians often handle small to medium sized jobs, such as wiring repairs and specialty lighting additions.

Electrical Contractor

An electrical contractor license can be obtained by business entities, allowing contractors to work on big jobs, such as rewiring the entire home or building or a remodeling project. Electrical contractors often hire several certified electricians. Furthermore, they must possess a high level of insurance coverage.

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