Is It Time for an Electrical Remodel?


Just like everything else in your home, eventually wear and tear of daily use will cause your electrical system to wear out and need replacement. While it’s good to try to make the most out of your electrical components for as long as they’ll last, eventually it won’t be feasible to continue making repairs and you’ll need to consider a full-scale electrical remodel. Want to know if you should consider this option or have your electrical problems repaired? Here are a few factors you should consider that could indicate that it’s time.

System Age

How old is your electrical system? If you don’t know, then you probably haven’t ever had to replace it entirely, and odds are it probably hasn’t ever been fully replaced before unless you have a home 40 years older or more. Even then, original electrical components could still be in use, and these components could not only be costing you money by wasting energy, but they also could be dramatically increasing the chances of an electrical fire should the fail unexpectedly.

Frequent Tripped Circuits

As we plug more and more electronic devices into our home’s system, your system needs to be able to provide a greater amount of current and voltage to keep up. Older electrical systems are not built to withstand the current demands a modern household places on them, even with energy-efficient products that reduce consumption. If you find that you’re constantly tripping circuits and needing to visit your breaker box or fuse panel, you may want to consider remodeling your electrical system to be able to handle the higher demand you’re putting on it.

Worn Out Plugs

The electrical sockets in your home are a good indicator for the health of your electrical system. Over time, the leads in your plugs will wear out and lose their shape, meaning your plugs will no longer stick in your walls by friction like they did before. Outdoor plugs without ground-fault circuit interrupters are also a huge red flag that your electrical system may be outdated. Anywhere a socket exists that is close to water should have a GFCI socket installed to reduce the chances of a short circuit and electrical fire.

There are many benefits to updating or remodeling your home’s electrical system, including being able to add the latest and greatest features into your home like USB plug outlets, dimmer switches, and even additional plugs in addition better, safer materials. If you suspect you might be due for an electrical remodel, talk to a Marietta electrician to learn more about your options.

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