Three Interior Lighting Mistakes to Avoid


The lighting in your home is an extremely important choice. Not only does it need to be functional and allow you to see properly, but it’s also an aesthetic choice in that it can make a room look more beautiful when done right. However, with so many choices on the market it’s easy to make a simple mistake that could wind up costing you both in looks and possibly in cost. Here are just three of these easy lighting mistakes.

Uncomfortable Lighting

When you’re choosing a color scheme in a room, you want more than just one standard shade of a single color. Making literally everything that exact same color can be revolting and even harsh on the eyes. The same is true for your lighting: you’ll need different types of lighting for different tasks. Each room should have ambient (general), task (specific), and accent (highlights or decorative) lighting in order to maximize visibility while still feeling aesthetically pleasing. This sensitivity explains why those harsh fluorescent beams at shops or at the office make you feel so uncomfortable.

­Dim Lighting

Dim lighting is often the result of using too small a light to try to illuminate too large a space. In some instances, this is using a bulb that’s too small, but it could also be that you’re trying to use a fixture that’s not designed to light a large space and you’re forced to deal with dimness, shadows, and unpleasant eye strain. Finally, this could be the result of a proper fixture just not placed in a spot that allows it to completely illuminate the space. As such, there are several ways to fix this, ranging from getting a brighter bulb to installing an entirely new light fixture.

Too Much Light

This is almost the opposite of the previous mistake and comes from when someone gets a little too overzealous with their lighting choices. The most common way people go overboard with their lighting is with recessed lights: lots of people think that because the bulb is surrounded that they need to install extra lamps to make sure the whole room is properly lit which is often untrue. In fact, the right bulb in a properly-positioned recessed light can provide a surprising amount of illumination. Make sure you consult a Marietta electrician about your lighting plan before starting your installation to make sure you’re not turning your hallway into an airport runway.

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