Upgrading Your Electrical Service Panel


An electrical service panel is a box that is attached to a wall in your home. It contains a variety of circuit breakers and other electrical components that distribute electricity throughout your home. If it is old and unmaintained, it may become dirty and rusted. This could create a fire hazard. Furthermore, a compromised electrical service panel may cause inconvenient power outages, which could disrupt your busy life. That is why it is important to maintain your electrical service panel, and to upgrade it when necessary.

Upgrading your electrical service panel can protect you from:

  • Electrical fires
  • Burned wiring
  • Smoking or melted outlets
  • Frequent power outages

We will install high quality electrical service panels for your home or business. Upgrading is simple, and our technicians will work quickly to leave you 100% satisfied. We understand the importance of having a safe, functional, and well maintained electrical service panel. Our Marietta electricians will discuss your options and install a high quality, durable, and efficient electrical service panel so you can have peace of mind.

For all your electrical service panel upgrades, trust our Marietta electricians at Lightning Bug Electric to get the job done right the first time. Call us today at (404) 471-3847 to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians.

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