Can I Wash an Electrical Blanket?


Now that the weather is getting colder, you may be using space heaters, and taking out your electric blankets out of hibernation. Electric blankets not only offer warmth and comfort, but they can save you money on your electrical bill if you turn down the thermostat while using your heated blankets.

But of course, no one wants to be using dirty or dingy blankets. So, the question is, can you wash your heated electric blanket? Yes, you can, however, you have to follow the manufacturer’s directions very carefully.

Cleaning Your Electric Blanket

Generally, manufacturers recommend that consumers wash their electric blankets before using them for the first time, but of course, consumers may want to wash them periodically. Before washing an electric blanket:

  • Make sure you disconnect the power cord from the wall before you do anything else. Then, remove or detach the control cord so it’s no longer connected to the electric blanket.
  • Check to make sure that none of the wires are connected and that they have not worn out through the electric blanket’s fabric.
  • Be very careful to read the washing directions to avoid any possible fire hazards.

Here is a list of DO NOTS: Do not submerge a blanket’s control in water, do not dry clean an electric blanket, do not use bleach, do not use laundry detergent, do not use a wringer, do not iron an electric blanket, do not reconnect the blanket until it is 100% dry, do not wash the power cord, do not wash any of the cords, do not put any of the cords in water, and do not use analgesic cream while using your electrical blanket.

But what about drying? For starters, do NOT use commercial dryers or those dryers at laundromats because they are too hot and can damage the wires in the blanket. Instead, tumble dry the blanket on low for 10 minutes, or air dry, but do not use any clothespins. And remember, never reconnect the power or control plug or use an electric blanket that has been washed until it is completely dry.

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