Georgia Power Temporarily Suspends Disconnections Due to COVID-19


Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived in the United States, virtually every aspect of Americans’ lives has been impacted. Businesses have closed their doors. Movie theatres, schools, entertainment venues, and sports complexes have shut down temporarily. Schools have closed, restaurants are only offering takeout and drive-thru orders, and “non-essential” workers are either being laid off or asked to work from home.

Since COVID-19 was designated as a public health emergency in the United States, millions of Americans have lost their jobs. At a time when people are ordered to “stay home” except for when visiting grocery stores, healthcare providers, gas stations, and pharmacies, many of them are facing delinquent utility bills due to job losses caused by COVID-19. Fortunately for residents serviced by Georgia Power, they can expect their lights to be kept on during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if they can’t pay their bill.

Georgia Power Steps Up

On March 14, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, Georgia Power temporarily suspended disconnections for both residential and business properties. As COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact on Georgia Power’s customers, the company is extending its disconnections, ensuring that its customers do not have to go without critical power in their homes and businesses.

“At Georgia Power, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want to assure you that the safe and reliable service that you expect and deserve will continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” it states on Georgia Power’s website.

Watch Out for Scams!

Georgia Power wants its customers to be aware of scammers during the COVID-19 pandemic. GP urges people to be careful about phone calls from scammers who demand over-the-phone payments. “Georgia Power will never ask for a credit card or pre-paid debit card number over the phone,” says GP’s website. If you do receive a suspicious call from someone who says they work for GP and are demanding a payment from you to avoid disconnection, GP says to hang up and immediately contact their customer service number at (888) 660-5890.

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