4 Tips to Hang Christmas Lights Outside


Many people look forward to the holiday season for one thing—decorating. The holidays give us an excuse to turn our homes and businesses into a light-show extravaganza. From lights on strings to snowman décor to glowing wreaths and piles of fake snow, the holidays can bring out the decorator in all of us.

If you aim to have the best display on your block, these tips can help you take your décor to the next level.

Check Decorations for Safety Hazards

Defective or damaged lighting and open flames are some of the most common fire hazards this season.

Fire Safety Tips for Holiday Decor

Check for frayed or damaged lights, and make sure not to overload your electrical outlets to protect yourself and your home from an accident. It is also a good idea to make sure that your lights are working and aren’t missing any bulbs before getting on the ladder to hang them up. Here are more tips to keep you and your family safe this winter:

  1. Unplug all lights before leaving your home and going to sleep.
  2. Check all light-up decorations for damage before turning them on. Frayed cords, missing bulbs, loose connections, and cracked sockets can all lead to electrical fires.
  3. Keep 3 ft of space between any flammable decor and heat sources such as space heaters or fireplaces.
  4. Never leave an open flame unattended. Candles and holiday baking are two of the top causes of holiday fires.

Plan Ahead!

When planning your design, keep in mind the number of lights you have and the length of the string you will need to achieve your vision. You don’t want to start building your design only to run out of lights halfway through.

If you have lights, design a plan to hang them:

  • Along the edges of your roof
  • Along your eaves
  • Around the border of your windows or doors
  • In trees, bushes, and other landscape
  • Around posts or pillars
  • Around the driveway or pathway

Making sure you have all the necessary supplies will make decorating simpler and safer. Follow these tips to hang your lights around the exterior of your home!

How to Hang Lights Around Windows

Make sure you have your supplies to hang your lights well in advance. Try one of these methods:

  • Cup hooks. These small hooks screw directly into your wall and are a great, sturdy way to ensure your lights stay where they should.
  • Suction sucker wire cups. Sometimes referred to as simply ‘wire suckers,’ these cups stick to your windows and feature a small hook to hold any decor.

How to Hang Lights On Your Roof

When preparing your lights for your holiday display, safety is always number one. According to data from the CDC, the holiday season is ripe for an increase in injuries related to holiday decorating. Over a period of three years, there was an increase of about 5,800 injuries from falls—approximately 43% of these were caused by falls from ladders. Make sure you have a sturdy ladder, and don’t attempt to climb a ladder in inclement weather.

Use these tools and tips to help you hang lights off your roof:

  • Gutter hooks. Gutter hooks attach to your gutters without causing any damage to your home.
  • Staple gun. Hanging lights from the wood fascia on your roof is another simple way to decorate. Make sure to use staples sparingly to save the integrity of your roof.

How to Hang Lights On Exterior Walls

Some decor plans require you to attach lights or decor to the outside of your home—in places other tools can’t help.

  • Use brick clips for brick walls. Brick clips are easily adjustable and fit the edges of individual bricks on your walls.
  • Use hot glue for stucco, concrete, and brick walls. Hot glue is versatile, invisible, and easily removable.

Contact Lightning Bug Electric for All Your Electrical Needs!

Part of the fun of the holidays is breaking away from the traditional house lighting techniques. It’s your home, and it is the most wonderful time of the year—so enjoy it! Mix and match styles of lighting and put colorful bulbs with icicle lights.

New lights can strain your electrical system if it hasn’t been updated in years. Our team of qualified and experienced experts can assist you with any electrical or lighting issues in Marietta and Atlanta. Contact our team online or call us at (404) 471-3847 to schedule an appointment!

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