Georgia Power Foundation Supports COVID-19 Recovery


The economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been devastating to Georgians, but also to people all over the country. Companies are filing bankruptcy. Businesses are shutting down permanently. Millions have lost their jobs. And life, as we know it, will never be the same. While fraudsters are taking advantage of people’s uncertainty and vulnerability during this stressful time, there are also businesses that are doing some pretty remarkable things, with our very own Georgia Power Foundation being one of them.

“The Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. is investing $1 million in 2020 to support the state of Georgia in addressing the unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Georgia Power continues to provide safe, reliable energy for its customers and works to ensure the safety and health of its employees, the company has recognized the strain the global health crisis has put on many families and individuals across the communities it serves,” according to a news release issued by Georgia Power.

Economic Challenges Faced by GP Customers

Georgia Power’s customers, the community, and the state are facing unique economic challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Georgia Power is committing to helping their customers and neighbors just as they have done for over 130 years. “This investment by our foundation is an addition to the $1.5 million that Georgia Power has already committed by way of partnerships such as Project Share to help meet the basic needs of those impacted,” said Paul Bowers, chairman, president, and CEO of Georgia Power.

The $1.5 million investment will focus on helping address food insecurity, homelessness, and displaced worker assistance. Additionally, Georgia Power is conscious of pandemic-related shutdowns that have affected its customers, which is why the company announced on March 14, 2020 that it was suspending residential shutdowns for 30 days, but it would also be reevaluating the timeframe as the situation develops.

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