Three Little-Known Things Switches Can Do

For about as long as we have had electric lighting, we have needed a way to safely and easily turn it on and off. Nobody wants to have a light running all the time, so that’s why we wire our lights to switches that can control them. However, while the primary technology behind a switch hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years, what we do with switches has changed quite a bit. Today, switches allow us to control so many different parts of our homes. Here are three things we can do with a switch that are not as common but still pretty cool!

Change Light Color

LED lighting is the future. Not only do light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use less energy to output the same quantity of light as an old incandescent bulb, but they also last longer. In many cases, they also run cooler than their predecessors as well. But there is one other benefit to LEDs: they can emit light in a wide range of colors, and in some cases they can create light in virtually every color.

Today, switches exist that allow you to not only turn these bulbs on or off, but change the color to suit your needs. These switches have a small LED control circuit built into them that sends a signal to the bulb, telling it what color you have selected. These switches typically look different from an average switch, but some also even come with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can adjust them from your smartphone!

Adjust Fan Speed

Most people have seen ceiling fans that can be turned on or off by switch, but did you know you can set up some fans to be speed controlled by switch as well? Much the same way dimmer switches can raise or lower light intensity, some fans can be wired to these potentiometer switches to adjust the speed the fan spins at. No more reaching for the chain that you might not be able to easily reach and no more constantly looking for a remote that you may not be able to find.

To make matters even better, some switches have both a standard switch and an adjustor built into the same panel. That way you can control the light, the fan, and the fan speed all with one standard two-switch box—something already commonly found in many bedrooms or living areas! Wiring a switch to control fan speed does require some additional knowledge and wiring, so we strongly advise leaving a project like this to a professional.

Adjust Window Shades

Powered window shades are a popular new feature, particularly with homes with large windows. With a large window, you might not be able to reach all the way up to the top, meaning you’ll need to use a strong to recess the shades all the way back up or pull them down when they are fully recessed. However, strings are unsightly and can interrupt your view. Likewise, shades can be finnicky, and sometimes getting them to stay at your preferred height can be a challenge. A motorized shade is the solution, and you can control motorized shades with a properly-wired switch.

There are a variety of switches that can be used to control window shades. However, you will want a switch that has three positions. These switches give you the ability to run a motor in either direction, allowing you to move the shades up and down.

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