Is Surge Protection Necessary?

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Surge protection, whether achieved through whole-home installation or localized devices, is a great way to keep the electrical systems and appliances in your home safe and working properly. While you may be aware of some of the benefits of surge protection, you may still be wondering whether it is necessary for your home. You may also be curious about the benefits of whole-home surge protection, as opposed to simply plugging your devices into store-bought surge protectors (also known as “point-of-use” surge protectors).

Surge Protection Prevents Electrical Damage

The main purpose of surge protection, whether whole-house or point-of-use, is to prevent electrical surges from damaging your systems. Without surge protection, a surge, storm, electrical malfunction, or other issue can cause severe destruction to the electrical structure of your home, as well as the devices that are plugged into it. This can not only cause harm to your appliances but can also present a safety hazard to you and your family. If an electrical surge occurs and surge protection is not present, the danger can be significant.

Surge Protection Keeps Your Appliances & Devices Working at Their Best

With surge protection, your phones, computers, kitchen appliances, and other devices will be guarded from damage. This can not only prevent complete shutdowns and dangerous situations like electrical fires but can also extend the life of your electronics. When using surge protection, it is likely that your devices will last longer than those that aren’t protected. Because electronics are usually very expensive, surge protection is crucial to save money.

Surge Protection Can Help You Save Energy

Utilizing point-of-use surge protectors can help you conserve energy while using your electronic devices. Certain types of these surge protectors are more energy efficient than others and can help you save on your electrical bills. While whole-home surge protectors do not necessarily use more energy, they are not known to help homeowners save energy in the same way that point-of-use surge protectors can.

The benefits outlined above are only a few advantages of surge protection. The safety element of installing surge protectors alone makes them a necessary element of any home’s electrical system. For more information about why surge protection is a good choice for your home, contact our electricians at Lightning Bug Electric today.

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