How to Dispose of Your Old Electronics

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So you’ve bought the latest and greatest television, the top-of-the-line cell phone, or the newest and highest-power computer. That’s fantastic, and so long as you take care of it, you can expect several years of enjoyable use.

But, like anyone in the 21st century knows, over time, even the newest and most cared for electronics slowly lose their state-of-the-art status and become outdated. Eventually, these devices completely wear out — parts stop working or operating systems become so advanced that your old tech simply can’t keep up. When it’s time to upgrade to the next model, what do you do with your old phone, tablet, laptop, or tv?

What do I do with my old electronics?

Throwing old electronic devices straight into the trash is a pretty big environmental hazard, so it’s strongly advised that you don’t take this route. Here are a few ways you can get rid of your old gadgets in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way:


If your electronics still work perfectly well, you may actually find a lot of thrift stores or donation centers that love getting these devices as donations. Thrift store shoppers are always on the lookout for old electronics, especially ones that are recently outdated, as they often contain parts that can be salvaged to repair another model of the same device.

Likewise, those who aren’t able to afford a brand new device may be thrilled to find it on the cheap. The expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies greatly to old electronics.

One very important thing to note: if you do plan to donate your old device, you’ll want to take the time to protect your identity. Set up an automatic backup or manually transfer your information to another device, then destroy or completely wipe the hard drive before donating to ensure your personal information isn’t donated with your device.


New devices and models of technology come out all the time, but what you may not know is that a lot of those devices continue to use the same parts as older models. If something breaks, you might be able to use parts that are still intact to repair the replacement device if that one also breaks.

This is particularly true for electronics such as computers. If you’re throwing out an old computer, consider cracking it open and taking out parts like cooling fans and old power supplies. These parts could be used to repair a different computer later on, which could actually save you money.


If your electronics just flat out don’t work anymore and can’t be salvaged, it’s a good idea to take them to your local recycling center. If you pay attention to the local news or do a quick Google search, you’ll find information about city-run hazardous waste disposal collections. These events typically run at least twice per year and allow the public to bring old electronics and devices to be disposed of safely. This is a great place to take your electronics so they can be appropriately broken down, recycled, and then be used to make more new electronics!

While technology and electronics can be recycled, you can’t recycle your electrical system. If you’re facing a problem with the electricity in your home, call a Marietta electrician from Lightning Bug Electric today at (404) 471-3847 to schedule a repair or maintenance service!

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