Termite Damage & Electrical Failure


Are you struggling with random blackouts, erratic lights, and malfunctioning outlets? While termites aren’t always associated with electric failure, an infestation can impact the function of your electrical system.. Known to chew through wood structures and cause major damage to buildings and homes, these colonies can eat through your wires as well.

Termites usually invade your home through wood-to-ground contact. This includes doorframes, deck posts, porch steps, and supports. These pests can also enter your home through cracks in the foundation or by using holes in concrete blocks to travel through foundation walls.

When termites find a way between your walls, if there is enough moisture, humidity, and wood, they will begin to reside there. A male and female termite could even start a full-sized colony containing around 50,000 to 60,000 termites. These colonies will feed on anything containing cellulose. This is found in materials such as wood and paper. When termites infiltrate your home, serious damage can occur.

Electrical Failure & Dangers

After eating through wood, termites will begin to eat through electrical wiring—damaging the plastic casing of wires. This can cause short circuits, leading to parts of your electrical system to shut down, or even causing electrical fires.

Electrical Socket Damage

Termite excrement is moist and has a consistency similar to mud. It is used to build their tunnels and nests. When termites encounter electrical sockets, they may fill it with mud to protect their nests from other insects. Introducing moisture into these vital receptacles can shock someone using a socket or flipping a light switch.

Wire & Cable Damage

As termites invade your walls, they will destroy your wires and cables. Not only will they chew through electrical wiring, but they may also dislodge them. When this occurs, problems with lighting and heating systems may start. Signs of this may include flickering lights and your building’s water heater stopping.

Fire Hazard & Interior Damages

When termites chew through your wires, this causes short circuits to occur and ultimately can lead to fires. While termites burrow through electrical wires, short circuits and sparks can ignite nearby material. These pests can also destroy wooden structures that cause a chain reaction leading further home damage and wreaking havoc on your wallet.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Understanding the early warning signs of an infestation can save you the financial and emotional burden associated with these pests.

Common signs of an infestation may include:

  • Tiny pinholes along walls
  • Mud tubes
  • Bubbled, peeled, or cracked walls
  • Hollow sounding walls
  • Termite dust/droppings
  • Damaged wood trim
  • Cracks above doors and windows

Taking measures to avoid termite infestation is the best method to protect your home. If you suspect your home is housing termites, it’s recommended to not only hire a pest control professional but an electrician as well. A licensed and EATON-certified electrician can identify the cause of your electrical issues to help determine next steps and provide thorough system repairs.