Will Buying a New TV Impact My Electricity Bill?

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Are you considering buying a new television? With all the cutting-edge options on the market these days, it can be hard to narrow it down to the best choice for your home. But with the increased capabilities of televisions these days, one thing more and more homeowners are asking themselves is, “will buying a new TV impact my electricity bill?”

The good news is that unlike most high-draw electrical appliances (HVAC systems, water heaters, etc.), a new television isn’t likely to impact your energy costs significantly. However, the type of television you choose can make a difference in your month-to-month electrical expenses. For instance, certain TVs use as little as 80 watts, while others can use up to 500 watts. Translated into a dollar amount, this can be the difference between paying $15 a year or $100 annually. Keep reading to learn more about how different kinds televisions impact your electric bills, courtesy of our experts at Lightning Bug Electric.

How Your Television Impacts Your Energy Costs

  1. LCD TVs: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This is the most common screen type—and the good news is that they’re fairly energy-efficient. For instance, a 50 inch LCD television uses about 150 watts of electricity. This makes LCD screens only slightly less energy-efficient than…
  2. LED TVs: You’ve probably already heard that LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are the most efficient option for your lights. They also cost the least to run of basically any type of screen, with 50 inch models using roughly 100 watts. LED screens are technically a modified type of LCD screen, they just use an LED backlight, rather than the greater energy-consuming lights most televisions are manufactured with.
  3. Plasma TVs: Once a very popular option on the hi-tech television market, plasma TVs have fallen out of favor in recent years, partially because of their relative lack of energy-efficiency. Plasma TVs can only be made in certain sizes, and with 50 inch plasma screens using roughly 300 watts, it’s basically impossible to find a model that’s as cost-efficient as an LED or LCD TV. Plasma TVs are also extremely expensive for other reasons, making the upfront price and long-term energy usage a no-go for many customers.

Keep Your Home Energy-Efficient with Lightning Bug Electric

At Lightning Bug Electric, we care about helping you save as much as possible on your energy costs. Check the energy guide label when you buy your next TV, and for all your general electrical services, make sure to hire our experienced team of electricians.

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