Unexpected Ways You Are Wasting Electricity

Man adjusting thermostat at home

Do you ever wonder where all of your hard-earned money is going each month? Chances are, if you're like most people, a good portion of it is being wasted on electricity. In this blog post, we'll explore the surprising sources of electricity waste in your home.

Lights on in Unused Rooms

Many of us leave the lights on in rooms we are not currently occupying, but by doing so, we are actually wasting electricity. It might seem inconsequential to keep the light on for a few extra minutes each day, however those few minutes add up and can lead to unnecessarily high utility bills.

Inefficient Light Bulbs

Lightbulbs are an essential part of modern life, but outdated, inefficient models still pose a major problem. Despite the availability of energy-saving LED models, many households and businesses still use incandescent light bulbs that consume large amounts of electricity. This results in higher bills and wasted energy.

Leaving Electronics Plugged In

The truth is that leaving electronics plugged in can waste a significant amount of energy. For example, appliances like microwave ovens and televisions can be left on standby mode when idle, meaning they are using energy even when not in use.

Setting the Thermostat Too High

Keeping your thermostat set too high can be a costly mistake. Not only does it drive up your electricity bills, but it also wastes energy that could be used elsewhere. Studies have found that for each degree you increase the temperature on your thermostat, you can consume 3-5% more energy than at a lower temperature setting.

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