The Importance of Security Lighting


In order to provide a safe and secure home or work environment, it’s important to install outdoor security lighting. While locking your doors and securing your windows can impede a burgler's attempt to break into your home or business, well-placed security lighting can deter potential criminals and provide safe passage during the night.

Our Marietta electrical contractor has provided the following things to think about when installing security lighting:

  • Enhanced Surveillance – Along with using bright lights to increase visibility of your home or workplace, utilizing surveillance cameras can give you an extra blanket of security. If you plan on getting security cameras installed, ensure that the places under surveillances are well-lit.
  • Motion Sensors – Through the use of passive infrared technology, motion sensors can help warn you that someone is approaching and deter any prowlers when they get too close.
  • Smart Timers – If you don’t want motion sensors, an alternative option is smart timers which enables security lighting to turn on and off at a specific time during the night. These can also be installed indoors, to make your home or office appear like it’s occupied.
  • Seek Professional Help – While DIY kits are available to install, having an experienced and qualified professional install your security system makes a tremendous difference. Not only will you be ensured that your system is properly working, but they will use equipment of higher quality.

It’s imperative to illuminate all dark, shadowed areas around your home, such as nooks and crannies. Also make sure the security lighting covers doorways, porches, and other ways of entry.

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