What's Wrong with My Electrical Meter?


If you notice any electrical issues in your home such as outages, flickers and breaker flips, it’s best to monitor the movement of your electrical meter.

Electrical Meter Troubleshooting

Your electrical meter typically located on an outer wall, basement or utility closet in homes. In apartments, it’s near the building in a cluster. While these type of meters are reliable, often lasting years, these issues need to be addressed by a professional, certified Marietta electrician.

The following are some common issues with a faulty electric issues:

  • Spiked energy costs – Ranging from minute to substantial, sometimes reaching up to a $1,000, these increases in your energy bills is a clear indication something might be wrong with the electrical meter.
  • Digital errors – These type of electrical meters usually disclose any issue on the display itself. On occasion, check for messages like “fault,” “battery” or “error” and take care of the issue immediately.
  • Operation failure –Whether your digital display is unresponsive or there is lack of movement from the parts of your mechanical meter, these are clear indications of a malfunctioning meter.

If you need to have your meter looked at or need to resolve any other electrical issues, our Atlanta electrical contractors can provide you with service and skill to fix them.

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