When You Should Replace Old Wiring


As technology continues to advance and develop, our dependency on modern appliances requires more demand from our home’s electrical system. From large appliances to gaming consoles, these devices can consume a good amount of energy, which is why it’s imperative to make sure your electrical system is up-to-date. If your electrical system isn’t capable of keeping you with the daily use of your appliances, your home may be susceptible to electrical shortages and even fires.

The following are signs that you should immediately replace your electrical wiring:

  • Your home is over 30 years old. If your home was built before 1985, it’s a good chance that your wiring is outdated. Have a licensed electrical contractor evaluate your wiring.
  • You frequently experience blown fuses or breaker trips. If you constantly have the reset the circuit breakers or replace the fuses, it’s a telltale sign that one or more of electrical circuits aren’t capable of handling your power demands.
  • Your lights flicker every time you turn on an appliance. If your lights dim as soon as you turn on your heater or washer/dryer, it is definitely an indication that you have faulty wiring.
  • You rely on extension cords. Using extension cords could mean that your home doesn’t have enough electrical outlets in your rooms. Typically, older homes have only one or two outlets per room.
  • Your outlets appear discolored. This could mean that your outlets are experiencing unsafe power surges.

If any of these signs are evident in your home, contact our Atlanta electrical contractor at Lightning Bug Electric and schedule your appointment today!

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