Common Electrical Problems


At Lightning Bug Electric, whenever our customers give us call, they ask us, “Is this normal?” Or “Does this type of problem happen frequently?” So our Atlanta electrical contractors decided to compile a list of common electrical issues we deal with on a regular basis. While every problem can present their own unique variables, there are some issues we encounter on a regular basis.

The most common issues we deal with are the following:

  • Faulty appliance wiring. This problem typically happens because of amateur installation or when people try to do it themselves. It’s important to understand that when it comes to wiring appliances, doing so incorrectly can result in power surges, sparks that can lead to fires, and insufficient use of the appliance.
  • Faulty outlets. While this is more common in older homes and buildings, broken outlets are caused because of the wiring issue surrounding them.
  • Flickering lights. This issue can be derived from power surges or problems with your breaker box. It’s best to get your electrical system serviced.
  • Generator malfunction. Homeowners often only use their generator when they need to, meaning that it’s left to collect dirt and debris over time. This could render the generator inoperable, which makes regular generator maintenance a priority.

If you experience any of these common electrical problems, it should be looked into by our Atlanta electrical contractor. Ignoring these issues can lead to even bigger problems, such as electrical fires and costly property damage.

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