How to Handle an Electrical Emergency


When your electrical system malfunctions, it could result in power surges or even electrical fires. Luckily, electrical emergencies are easily recognizable and don’t evolve into disasters without displaying clear indications. It’s important to know the signs of an electrical emergency and how to properly contain the issue until an Atlanta electrical contractor is able to repair it.

The following are common electrical emergencies, as well as the steps to contain them:

  • Power surges. These bursts of electricity typically occur when power comes back after an outage, resulting in damages to your appliances and electronics, as well as causing a fire. As soon as the power goes out, unplug all of your appliances and electronics. Once the power is restored, gradually plug them back in.
  • Overloaded circuits. Having too many appliances plugged into one circuit can cause the wiring and outlets to overheat. Telltale signs of overloaded circuits include constant tripped circuit breakers, discoloration surrounding the plugs, and evidence of smoke. If you see any of these signs, shut down the power to that circuit in the main electrical box.
  • Arcing electricity. Damaged electrical cords can cause an electrical circuit to circumvent the arc, resulting in a potential catastrophe, such as a house fire. You must not unplug the cord. Instead, shut off the electricity to the room at the main circuit box.

With calm and collected action, stopping these emergencies before they get any worse can be achieved. Once the problem has been temporarily contained, call a licensed professional Marietta electrician to take a look at your electrical system and resolve the issue for good.

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