How to Spot an Electrician Scam


Like any other profession, there are imposters who claim to be licensed electricians. You must understand how to detect scam when you encounter one, or else you will spend money on a job that most likely cause more damage to your electrical system than before.

The most common electrician scams include the following:

  • Paying all the money upfront. Faux electricians will typically request the payment for an entire job upfront, prior to doing any sort of work. The most common payment method for licensed electricians is a modest deposit or an initial supply fee.
  • No contract information. Imposters typically don’t advertise their services on their clothes, truck, or anything. An electrician that doesn’t possess business cards, invoices, or printed estimation sheets should be considered skeptical.
  • Diagnose your issue as complete wiring replacement. If an electrician recommends that you need a complete rewiring job, it’s imperative to get a second opinion.
  • Speak too fast. Instead of providing a comprehensive, written estimate, an imposter can fast-talk about the diagnosis of your issue, include supposed “facts” and unnecessary “analysis” of what should be conducted and offer you an exaggerated price. A licensed electrician can easily give you a written estimate and explain anything you don’t comprehend.

At Lightning Bug Electric, all of our Atlanta electricians are adequately licensed, trained, and experienced. Our company has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, which recognizes businesses which have outstanding workmanship and customer satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience, we have what it takes to resolve your electrical issues at an affordable rate and timely manner.

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