Safety Tips for Preventing Electric Shock


Whether you’re at work or at home, electricity is a significant part of our everyday lives. However, electricity can also be dangerous if it’s not used in a proper manner, causing injuries and even fatalities.

The following are tips for preventing electric shock and using electricity in a safe way:

  • Use outlet covers. Especially if your home or workplace has children or pets, having these covers can prevent them from meddling with the electricity outlet. These outlets are direct sources of live electricity and can be an easy source to be electrocuted. Outlet covers are often difficult to remove for children or animals around the area.
  • Keep electrical cords away from high traffic areas. One way people can be electrocuted is through electrical cords throughout the area, especially very long cords. Do not tuck power cables under furniture or carpet. If you do need to use long cords, contact a qualified electrician to install a new outlet closer to the appliance that needs power.
  • Avoid water. Since water is great conductor of electricity, you can get electrocuted if you step foot on a wet floor while an electrical appliance with an exposed wire is making contact with the puddle or pool.
  • Maintain the working order of our appliances. Whenever your appliance malfunctions or starts making loud noises, it is important to get them immediately repaired. Your chances of being electrocuted are typically higher when an appliance is experiencing issues. Make sure you purchase appliances from distinguished brands that are known for great quality and high safety standards.
  • Possess adequate circuit breakers and fuses. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) shuts down power in a house or building instantaneously to prevent electrocution. This type of device is a standard in all newly constructed homes. If you live in an older home, it’s imperative to have it installed in yours. Also be careful when purchasing replacement circuit breakers and fuses and make sure they match the exact specifications of your model.

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