How to Teach Your Children about Electricity & Electrical Safety


Children are often curious in nature, since they view the world as a place full of unknowns. However, the trouble with kids and their curiosity is their inability to recognize the difference between what is harmless and what is dangerous.

At Lightning Bug Electric, we completely understand the dangers of electricity. Despite understanding the electrical hazards in the home, even adults are prone to suffer injuries from electrical wiring and appliances. But, how do you inform your kids about electrical safety?

The following are some effective ways to teach your child about the dangers of electricity:

  • Teach them early. Once your child reaches an age where they can comprehend and communicate in a basic manner, you can start to teach him or her about safety since they learn very quickly and are more likely to internalize that information.
  • Use visual aids. Instead of demonstrating what is dangerous, clearly identify the potential electrical risks within that home by explaining how electrical appliances, wiring, and outlets work. You can even place warning signs near anything electrical.
  • Repeat what you say. In order for your information to really sink in, don’t’ make your safety lessons just a one-time thing. Children tend to let information enter one ear and out the other.
  • Keep it interesting. Getting a child to pay attention can be a difficult ordeal. There are many available resources regarding electrical safety to kids, such as activities, tools, and videos. You can conduct your research for fun activities online.
  • Make sure your lessons fit with the times. As your kid grows up, the electrical risks change. When your son or daughter starts using computers, phones, and household appliances, ensure that they understand electrical safety.

If you home is experiencing any electrical dangers or faulty wiring, contact Lightning Bug Electric and request our services today.

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