Guide to Lighting Your Bathroom


We’ve all been there; hunched over the counter trying to make sure we haven’t missed a spot while tweezing our eyebrows. Maybe you’ve finished applying your makeup only to realize you aren’t sure how you will look outside because the bathroom lighting is too yellow or casts dark shadows on your face. If you are tired of ugly bathroom lighting and are ready for a change, this guide is for you.

Ambient Light

If your bathroom has a high ceiling, ambient lighting can help fill in the gaps of shadow. The best place to install ambient lighting is along the perimeter of your bathroom. Wall sconces or other pendant lighting fixtures with clear shades can serve double duty as a decorative and ambient lighting solution.

Task Lights

Tasks lights are paramount in the bathroom. As we mentioned above, working in a bathroom with poor task lighting can be frustrating. When working with your Atlanta electrician, make sure to ask about proper task lighting. One easy way to achieve this is to add a couple of sconces at eye level on each side of the mirror.

When you install task lighting at eye level, you create an illumination on the face without dark shadows. You’ve probably seen bathrooms lit with lights above the mirror, but lighting your bathroom like this can lead to some unhappy glances in the mirror. This type of lighting casts intense light onto our forehead while casting dark shadows under your eyes, nose and chin.

Decorative Light

Decorative lighting can add visual interest to your bathroom and make it feel like a place of luxurious relaxation. If you have a square-shaped bathroom, a single pendant light works wonders. For a larger master bathroom, consider using two or three fixtures to add adequate lighting.

Using Dimmers

If you have installed pot or recessed lighting, dimmers can help you control the mood in the bathroom. Dimmers, especially for areas over the bathtub, can create an instantly more romantic atmosphere.

Work with a Master Atlanta Electrical Contractor

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, hiring an experienced electrician is critical when designing a bathroom to have better lighting. At Lightning Bug Electric, we are led by a master electrician who has over 25 years of experience so you can rest assured you are working with a top-notch electrician. We can work with your through each step of the process from design to installation. If you are ready to get started on your lighting remodel, give us a call today!

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