4 Stunning Lighting Upgrades for Your Front Lawn


Whether you are hoping to sell your home, or just increase curb appeal, landscape lighting in your front lawn can provide the dramatic makeover you’re looking for. When designing your front yard landscape lighting, you want to keep the below goals in mind.

Make sure your front lawn lighting does at least one of the following:

  • Light should direct visitors to your front entry
  • Accent your garden
  • Highlight your home’s architecture
  • Provide security

Stunning Lighting Upgrades for Your Home

1.Step lights

If the pathway to your home includes steps, you might want to consider installing step lights for safety reasons. In the dark of the night, it may be difficult for guests to see the steps on the pathway to your home. If you are inviting guests over for a family gathering or other party, the last thing you want to deal with during a celebration is an injury you could be held liable for. Ask your local Atlanta electrician about installing lights inside your steps or install lighting along the side of your steps.

2.Entryway lighting

It might seem like common sense to light your entryway, but some homes do not come equipped with pre-installed porch lighting or if they do, the lighting is not sufficient. When you work with our Atlanta electrical contractor, try designing an entryway lighting solution that provides adequate lighting for your guests as well as security for you. Consider installing lights on either side of your door and above the entryway to increase visibility.

3.Garage Lighting

Accessing the garage after dark when there are no lights can be extremely frustrating. If you have ever attempted to pull the trash cans from the side yard to the curb at night, it can be difficult if your garage isn’t well lit. Adding two lights on either side of your garage can provide a substantial amount of light for your work with.

4.Garden lighting

If you are like many homeowners, you put a lot of work into designing and tending to your garden. Why not light it up and highlight its natural beauty? Installing soft lighting to show off your foliage can create a beautiful and welcoming effect for visitors. Contact our Atlanta electrical contractor to help you design a beautiful garden lighting arrangement.

Work with Lightning Bug Electric for your next project!

For more than 25 years, Lightning Bug Electric has been providing the Atlanta area with skilled landscape lighting designs. If you are considering adding some landscape light to your home’s front lawn, contact our Atlanta electrical contractor for more information on how we can help you with your lighting design goals.

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