Should I Replace My Ballast?


Are you frequently changing the bulbs for your fluorescent lighting? It could be your ballast that is causing your bulbs to die quickly. An old ballast is not efficient, and can quickly suck up your time and money with replacement bulbs. If you are looking to save money and energy, replacing your ballast is in your best interest. The Marietta and Atlanta electricians at Lightning Bug Electric share what you should know when looking to upgrade your ballast.

How to Choose the Right Ballast

You want to make sure that when replacing your ballast, your choice of a replacement will be the most efficient and effective of your options. Following these easy steps can help you determine what light and ballast combination is best for you.

  1. Consider the right fixture. The best ballast depends on what kind of fixture your building is using. For example, consider whether you are using fluorescent lights, halogen lights, or even LED lights.
  2. Factor in temperature. Not all bulbs and ballasts are universal. Temperature conditions can severely impact a bulbs functionality. Fluorescents are hindered by the cold, while hot temperatures hinder LED lights.
  3. Placement is key. Where you decide to put the light can determine everything. Consider the location, the height, the distribution, and even the room shape. For instance, if you install a light behind someone, you are going to create a lot of shadows, and the functionality of your lighting will be diminished.
  4. Look at your surroundings. Design and colors can impact the quality and functionality of your lighting. For example, if your room is filled with dark colors and black surfaces, the minimal lighting levels can increase by 50-100%. If the room is filled with light colors and white surfaces, the minimal lighting level decreases drastically.

For more helpful tips about lighting or to schedule a service for a ballast replacement, contact our Atlanta and Marietta electrical team at Lightning Bug Electric today.

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