What Is a Light Ballast?


If you have ever owned a property with florescent lighting, no doubt you have in some way dealt with a ballast. Fluorescent lights are incredibly common, especially in homes and business buildings. A ballast is a tool that regulates the current in a circuit. For fluorescent lights, it regulates and limits the current running through the tube. Without a ballast, your florescent lighting would not be able to handle being connected to high voltage power. Your lamp would overheat and burn out in a second since the current would increase too quickly.

Our Marietta and Atlanta electricians explain more about light ballasts and how they are beneficial to you.

Is there a difference between residential and commercial ballasts?

Commercial lighting is typically more intense than residential lighting. Because of the intensity needed to light up large factories and warehouses, commercial lighting produces a stronger magnetic influence and more heat than the lamps you use at home. If you own a business and have florescent lights installed, it is essential to call a professional Atlanta electrician to handle it. Without the proper light ballast or installation procedure, you could have a fire hazard on your hands.

When should the ballast be replaced?

If you are experiencing flickering or humming coming from your fluorescent light, it could be a warning sign of an old ballast. The typical lifespan of a light ballast is 20 years, but poor light bulbs or cold air can cause the lifespan to reduce greatly.

When a ballast needs to be replaced, and you don’t know what you are doing, it is in your best interest to always call a professional. Electrical work can be incredibly hazardous and if you do not possess the proper training you could severely injure yourself.

For more information about electrical work or how our team at Lightning Bug Electric can assist with your fluorescent lights, call our office today. We serve the Marietta and Atlanta areas!

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