Don't DIY, Hire a Professional!


Every year, we see dozens of do-it-yourself jobs go horribly wrong. While our trained and certified electricians can fix the issue, the property owner who tried (and failed) to do the job in the first place probably made it worse. Even if that supposedly simple job sounds easy and you find yourself reasonably handy, you should never attempt to do it yourself. Here are three reasons why you should always hire a professional.

Serious Injury

The first and perhaps most serious risk associated with DIY work is injury. Electricity is no joking matter—it’s a powerful force with the ability to change your life in a sheer instant. The current that’s flowing through your walls has the ability to seriously injure you in a split second, and could even kill you in serious situations. You should never take working with electricity lightly, and you shouldn’t even attempt to work with it unless you’ve had extensive training and know how to do so properly.

We hear of too many people who are injured while trying to work with electricity and they fail to notice a hazard or are unaware of a potential problem. Our technicians have all been trained through years of education, practical application, and apprenticeship in order to become a certified electrician. We know how to properly handle electricity and can do so with minimal injury risk.

Property Damage

Are you trying to install a new appliance you just purchased? What about something larger, such as installing a ceiling fan or changing over to recessed lighting? These are all things you should trust to a professional. Not only can a professional do so quickly and cleanly to avoid the mess often caused by a lack of experience, but you can avoid potentially damaging your new purchase as well.

Lack of experience frequently can melt the wires or overload circuits through improper installation, which can ruin your brand new device, and may even void the warranty on it in some situations. If you want your new home appliance installed correctly, trust a professional to do it right the first time.


Hundreds of fires are started by faults in electrical systems every year, such as shoddy connections, low-gauge wire choice, or even loose wires left dangling. These are not only against code, but extremely dangerous and could spark at any moment. Sparks cause fire, which will damage your home considerably. A professional Marietta electrician is well-versed in the ever-changing electrical code rulebook and can do the job you need while adhering to these rules and minimizing your fire risk.

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