What Is a UPS Generator System?


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) generator systems can be installed in residential and commercial properties. They provides instant power to your electrical systems when the primary power source is interrupted. When the power goes out, having a UPS generator system in place can help prevent serious issues with your electrical appliances, lights, and electronic equipment.

Understanding the Difference Between UPS Systems & Generators

A UPS system senses when the main power supply to your home or business has been interrupted, and automatically kicks in so there is a continuous steam of electricity. However, it runs on batteries, so it only functions for a limited amount of time. UPS systems are designed to provide a few minutes of power so you can turn off necessary appliances and electrical equipment to save your data. Once the battery in the system runs out, the power will shut off.

Standard backup generators provide a consistent power supply to your building in the case of a power outage. Because the majority of power interruptions last only a few seconds, having a UPS generator system of 5-10 minutes often provides enough time to ride out the power outage and shut down everything you need to. However, having a standby generator is also important to provide a consistent power source for a longer outage. Thus, UPS generator systems provide a short amount of uninterrupted power so you can close out necessary electronics and equipment, while standard generators act as a power source to keep your home or business running for a longer amount of time.

Benefits of a UPS Generator System

Going without power is very inconvenient. However, with a UPS generator system, you will have enough time to turn off computers, appliances, and other electronics to prevent data loss. With a UPS generator in place, you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected in case of a power outage.

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