Machine Shop Wiring - Factors to Consider


Having proper wiring in a machine shop is important to prevent serious injuries. Machine shops are full of electrical equipment and tools that require electricity to function. Our Marietta electricians know how to properly install and repair machine shop wiring to ensure all equipment receives the electricity it needs to function correctly, as well as help prevent a fire hazard and other dangerous situations.

Factors to Consider

If you own a machine shop, it is important to hire professional electricians to handle any wiring or rewiring projects. Our team will work quickly to ensure all your systems are fully functional. We will consider the unique needs of your machine shop, such as the type of tools you use, the size of the wiring to support your electrical amperage needs, and the number of circuits and subpanels required to maintain an adequate flow of power to the tools and equipment in your machine shop.

Safety Is Important

When installing wiring in a machine shop, it is important to follow building codes and safety regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This can help keep your employees, students, or others in your shop safe from electrical hazards and fires. Machine shop tools, such as abrasive chop saws, belt sanders, drill presses, metal-cutting bandsaws, table saws, and vertical milling machines, require a lot of amperage to operate. If multiple tools will be used at the same time, it may be necessary to install multiple circuit breakers.

It is also important to install lighting on a separate circuit. That way, if a circuit breaker trips because of a tool, the lights will still be able to stay on. Whether your machine shop is for your own personal enjoyment, or it is a work station for students or employees, it is important to hire a professional electrician to install correct wiring to meet your specific electrical needs.

If you need electrical wiring services for a machine shop or other commercial building, Lightning Bug Electric is here to help. Contact our Marietta electricians today to discuss your options. Your safety and satisfaction is our number one concern.

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