Workplace Lighting Levels


Make Your Workplace Lighting Level Work For You

At the average American workplace, we’re so immersed with strict deadlines and determined to reach our quarterly goals that we often overlook certain circumstances which can prove beneficial to overall work productivity. If you weren’t aware already, the lighting ambiance in the workplace can affect productivity, energy levels, attention spans, mood, and even food choices.

Adequate lighting that lacks glare or shadows can help reduce eye fatigue and headache. Increased visibility of possible safety hazards can also prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

How to Properly Light Your Workplace:

  • Use natural light as much as possible, with windows and skylights routinely cleaned and equipped with blinds or curtains for control
  • Lighting shouldn’t be bright enough to cause eye strain or cast shadows over the main part of treads
  • Clear and readable images on video display terminal (VDT), such as your computer monitor, with the properly adjusted brightness and contrast levels
  • Local lighting, which pertains to the lighting in your immediate work area such as a desk lamp, should be well-positioned
  • Ensure that your lighting system is properly maintained, since it should be cleaned, repaired or replaced in order to prevent insufficient lighting from affecting your workplace
  • Lights can’t be obscured or blocked
  • Avoid glare and reflections
  • When it comes to reading materials, make sure the print is in a proper size and could contrast well with the lighting

At Lightning Bug Electric, our Atlanta electrician is highly qualified to determine if your workplace is getting the right amount of lighting necessary to have a productive work environment. Not only can we correct any lighting mistakes we encounter, but we can also help you save money.

Contact us today and schedule a service, repair, or replacement today.

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