Are Old Household Appliances Safe?


Have you ever found yourself saying that they just don’t make small household appliances like they used to? Can openers are one example of frustration. It seems as if in the 1980s, you’d buy one can opener and it would last forever. But nowadays, you may buy those hand-held can openers and go through at least two if not more every year because they keep breaking!

Older appliances just seem so much more sturdy. They seem to be built really well and they last decades. In fact, they may be so good, you like to go to local thrift stores and shop yard and estate sales to find the most reliable old appliances from way back when. But the question is, are these old appliances safe to use?

Old Electrical Appliances

Old coffee makers, electric can openers, blenders, toaster ovens, percolators (for coffee), and so on may look cute on your kitchen counter and “retro,” adding to the décor of the room, but as they sit on your countertop, they may be an accident just waiting to happen. As they sit there, they may be putting you at risk of electrical shock while increasing the risk of a kitchen fire.

We want to earn readers about buying old appliances at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores, or from online private party ads. While old appliances may look adorable, they should be for decoration only. Old appliances can electrocute you and start a fire. They may be a “bargain,” but not when you consider the safety risks.

If you absolutely want to keep your vintage appliance, our advice is to have a professional appliance repair company perform a safety inspection. Usually, this will lead to them replacing the cords and gas lines (where applicable), inspecting the gas fittings and wiring, and replacing missing or damaged parts.

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