Enjoy the Benefits of a Well-Lit Home


A home that is cast in shadows is unsafe and unappealing. When the sun goes down, you want to be able to safely navigate your walkways and see where you are going. With proper outdoor lighting, you can do just that. There are many advantages to using adequate outdoor lighting solutions, such as security lighting and landscape lighting.

What are the benefits of having a well-lit home?

  1. Visibility. Simply put, the more lighting your home has, the better you will be able to see. Visibility is extremely helpful, not only at night, but also during dusk and early morning hours. Proper lighting can help you see more easily in fog or rain. Lighting by your front door is not enough. Having lights placed along walkways, by trees and shrubbery, and around the sides and back of your home can ensure you are able to see well even when it is dark outside.
  2. Aesthetic appeal. Not only does outdoor lighting increase the visibility of your home, but it also provides an aesthetic appeal. With landscape lighting services, you can enjoy a peaceful and radiant ambience in your front yard and back yard. Landscape lighting involves placing lights along steps in your walkway, illuminating trees and other natural scenery, and highlighting the architecture of your home. By placing lights in strategic locations, you can boost the curb appeal of your home and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. Colored lights and specially designed lights can also provide an aesthetic look to your home.
  3. Safety. Having adequate lighting in and around your home helps keep you and your family safe. Criminal activity, such as burglaries and home invasions, are much less likely to happen to a well-lit home. This is because there aren’t as many shadows to hide in, and the criminals are easily visible to others. Thus, by having your home illuminated on all sides, you can discourage criminals and keep your home safer. You can also help your guests stay safe by illuminating walkways. If your guests are not able to see where they are going, they may slip or trip and fall and get injured. Thus, having proper lighting can keep those on your property safe.

Learn How Our Outdoor Lighting Services Can Help!

At Lightning Bug Electric, we provide timely and efficient services to residential and commercial clients. If you want to enjoy the benefits of outdoor lighting, our landscape lighting services can provide a solution. We will analyze your building’s layout and discuss the best options to provide the security and aesthetic appeal you want. Our team of Marietta electricians has the experience to handle small and large lighting projects. From start to finish, we will perform diligent work to leave you completely satisfied.

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