3 Benefits of New Pool Lights


Having a pool on your property can be a lot of fun. As the summer approaches, you may be spending more and more time in your pool with friends and family. This makes the springtime the perfect time for installing and upgrading your pool lights. Lightning Bug Electric provides efficient pool light installation and repair services and will discuss your options for upgrading your pool lights to get ready for summer.

But what are the benefits of installing new pool lights?

Better visibility

Over time, your pool lights can become dim or discolored. This will decrease the visibility in and around your pool. Since you are spending more time in the pool during summer, it is important to replace and upgrade your pool lights to ensure they are bright and clear.

Better visibility in your pool can mean the difference between life and death for pool-related accidents.

Increased safety

If your guests cannot see where they are swimming, or they do not have adequate lighting to safely walk around your pool, they may be at risk for injuries. Installing brighter lights in and around your swimming pool can help your guests stay safe.

Improved aesthetics

Installing new pool lights can also help improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. Newer lights will be brighter, and colored lights or dimmable lights add an extra flair to your home pool. With newer lights, you can enjoy a brighter, personalized atmosphere around your pool area.

Ready to install new pool lights?

At Lightning Bug Electric, we strive to provide timely and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Whether your lights are old and dim, or they just don’t match the aesthetic design of your home, we can provide an upgrade so you can be ready for summer.

Contact our Marietta electricians at (404) 471-3847 today to schedule an appointment!

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