Electrical Safety for Kids


Electricity is everywhere and at home is where children will spend most of their time near electrical dangers. Since electricity is something that has to be “learned,” it’s up to parents and caregivers to educate children on electrical safety. If parents fail to teach children the do’s and don’ts about electrical safety, children are at risk of serious injuries.

To keep your kids safe, make sure they know these rules about electrical safety:

  1. Don’t stick a knife (or anything else) in a toaster that’s plugged into a wall; you can get electrocuted.
  2. Don’t use a blow-dryer, straightener, or curling iron, if you’re standing in water that’s on the bathroom floor. The human body is a good conductor of electricity because it’s 70 percent water, so never handle an electric device while standing in or near water because that will only increase the chances of electrocution.
  3. Don’t plug a lot of stuff into an extension cord. It can damage your home’s electrical system and it can even cause an electrical fire. Same goes for outlets.
  4. Do tuck away all electrical cords. If you leave them out, dogs can chew on them and people can trip and fall.
  5. Don’t yank electrical cords out of walls. Instead, pull them out from the plug. If you’re not sure which part is the plug, ask an adult to show you.
  6. Don’t play on or near one of those green transformer boxes. It may be tempting to sit or stand on them, but that’s not safe!
  7. Don’t fly drones, kites, or anything else near power lines. If you’re holding a kite and it hits a powerline, it can carry electricity and send a current straight through your body.
  8. Do ask adults for help when you want to use an electrical appliance or device.
  9. Do look for power lines before you even think about climbing a tree. The electricity from a powerline can go through a tree branch and electrocute YOU.
  10. Do be on the lookout for powerlines whenever you’re using ladders, or doing something outdoors.

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