3 Electrical Dangers to Be Aware Of


In previous blog posts, we have discussed electrical safety inside the home. We’ve gone over the importance of not overloading outlets and extension cords and keeping all electrical devices away from water. But electrical safety doesn’t end when we step outside the home. We have to be careful outside as well.

There are electrical hazards outside and at any moment, one of us could be put in a dangerous situation that increases our risk of electrocution. That being said, here are 3 electrical dangers that everyone (adults and children) needs to be aware of:

Danger # 1: Car Accidents

If you’re ever in a car accident that involves a power line, your first instinct may be to jump out of the car and run away as far as you can, but that may not be your safest bet. If your vehicle has come into contact with a power line, it’s safer to stay inside your vehicle until the utility company or fire department arrive on the scene.

Why? Because, the metal in the car can be energized from the power line. If you climb outside of your vehicle and touch the metal while your feet are on the ground, you can get electrocuted. If you have to escape from the vehicle because of a fire, jump out with your feet together but be sure to land on both of them at the same time. Do NOT touch the car and the ground at the same time. Don’t run away, instead hop away from the vehicle with your feet together.

Danger # 2 Downed Power Lines

If you see a downed power line, your danger signal should go off in your mind. Why? Because, if you come into contact with a downed power line, it can seriously injure or kill you. This isn’t limited to power lines, it includes cable TV and telephone lines as well. They could be “energized” so avoid them at all costs.

If you observe a downed or low-hanging power line, stay away, keep other people away and call the utility company or 911. If you see someone come into contact with such a line, do NOT try to rescue them because it’s extremely dangerous for you.

Danger # 3 Storms

Heavy wind storms, ice, and snow storms can make electrical lines more dangerous. If you touch an overhead electrical line during a storm, it can lead to serious injuries or death. If a storm causes power lines to fall and loosely hang near the ground, do not touch them!

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