Benefits of Ceiling Fans


Here in Georgia, it can get hot and very humid. While an excellent HVAC system is essential for all homes and businesses, ceiling fans are also very important. Since running your air conditioner can get very expensive, having ceiling fans in your home or business can not only increase comfort, but they will help reduce your electrical bill.

Ceiling fans go beyond saving you money on your annual electrical costs. They can also add beautiful lighting to your home or business. Here are 5 benefits of ceiling fans:

1. Ceiling fans save you money.
According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “Ceiling fans can help lower your electrical bill by up to 30 to 40 percent.” Interestingly, ceiling fans don’t actually make the room cooler. Instead, the draft makes the room feel like it’s cooler So, with ceiling fans, you can raise the temperature in the room but it will feel cooler than it is.

2. Ceiling fans are decorative.
Like lamps, ceiling fans come in hundreds of different styles and colors to match any interior design or décor. The fans are functional, but they can also be beautiful, providing style and a conversational piece if you so choose.

3. Ceiling fans can be used in lieu of an AC.
Whether they’re being used in the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom, or all the above, you can switch on a ceiling fan instead of the AC in many situations (before temps get unbearable), saving you money on your electric bill!

4. Ceiling fans can be beautifully illuminating.
When you choose a ceiling fan, it’s lights can illuminate a room, especially at night. So, it doubles as a light and a fan!

5. Ceiling fans can be used year-round.
Not only can you use the “lights” year-round, but you can use the fan throughout the year too. Many people don’t realize that they can switch on the fan during the winter to help circulate the warm air in their home. All you have to do is run the blades clockwise and the blades will push the warm air from the ceiling down and it won’t cause a draft.

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