Do You Need an Emergency Power System for Your Business?


If you own a business that’s located in the Greater Atlanta Area, you know that Georgia is prone to all kinds of volatile weather and power outages. If stormy weather leads to a power outage, you know what that means – lost business and lost income.

Georgia is beautiful, but it also has its share of natural disasters that lead to power outages. Tornados and hurricanes, lightning and flooding can all cause you to lose power at your business for hours, if not days at a time.

All businesses are dependent on electricity, so a power outage that lasts hours can send your business to a screeching halt. Whether you own a restaurant, an auto shop, a dry-cleaning business, a law firm, or a digital marketing company, you can’t operate your business without electricity!

Here are some other problems connected to power outages:

  • During the winter, a power outage will disable the business’s HVAC system, shutting down the heater. If temperatures drop below freezing, a pipe can freeze and burst, leading to flooding and property damage.
  • A power outage will shut down freezers and refrigerators. If you’re in the restaurant or food manufacturing business, this can mean tens of thousands of losses, if not more.
  • If you’re in the retail business, you cannot sell anything if your cash registers aren’t working.
  • If you’re an online retailer, you can’t process payments without electricity.

All businesses should have emergency power systems to avoid all the potential problems associated with power outages. For businesses large and small, losing power for just a couple of hours means lost productivity and income. When you install a commercial power generator, you can have peace of mind that your business will not only be safe, but that it will stay open for business, even when the power is down in the neighborhood.

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To learn more about getting an emergency backup system for your business, contact Lightning Bug Electric to meet with an Atlanta electrical contractor.

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