Does My Electrical System Need Updating?


Are you living in an older home that you know for sure has old electrical wiring that hasn’t been updated in years? Or, are you living in a home that isn’t super old, but it’s old enough that you’re asking yourself, “Should I upgrade my home’s electrical system?” Below are some good reasons why a homeowner may want to seriously consider upgrading their electrical system sooner, rather than later.

Upgrading an Electrical Panel

Some electricians have compared a home’s electrical system to the human body’s circulatory system. The electrical panel is to the home what the heart is to the human body. The circuits in the electrical panel carry the electricity to the lights, appliances, and plugs throughout the house.

The electrical panel controls how much power is distributed to the lights, outlets and plugs in a home. As far as the circuit breakers are concerned, the number and size of them will govern how power is distributed throughout a home. If you have an outdated electrical system in your home, you’ll want to consider these options:

  • Upgrade the panel because it will bring more power from the utility company into your house, or
  • Take the existing meter and circuit breaker box and replace them so your home can handle additional power, or
  • Replace the circuit breakers or electrical panel if they are damaged, dangerous, or out of date.

“Does the above changes affect the wiring in my home?” No, they do not, but they do give your home’s electrical system more power to distribute throughout your home. Beyond taking the above steps, it’s wise to add additional circuits so more power can be distributed to the appliances and various rooms in the home. Other modern updates include adding new electrical outlets throughout the home and switching out old receptacles.

Safety is the Biggest ‘Why’

Why should old electrical panels be updated? The most important reason for homeowners to update their electrical systems is safety.Older homes were built with a lot less amps and circuits than today’s new homes, so they’re not designed to handle the electrical demands of modern households.

Related: Avoid Overloading Your Home!

Circuit breakers are designed to protect a home from dangerous overloads and electrical fires, but unfortunately, the electrical systems in many older homes are unreliable and the circuit breakers don’t always trip when they should, even when the circuit is being overloaded. Without getting too technical, an upgrade is the best way to prevent an electrical fire and protect the home’s occupants from electrical hazards.

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, or if your lights dim when you turn on additional appliances, or if you have to use extension cords regularly, these may be signs that your home’s electrical system needs updating.

To find out if your home needs an electrical system upgrade, contact us today to meet with an experienced and highly-skilled Atlanta electrical contractor!

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