Why Should I Light My Pool?


Are you considering installing an in-ground pool in your backyard? If you decide to go for it, we highly recommend considering your pool lighting options. Why would you want to install pool lighting? There are a number of reasons, which we dive into below.

For one, when you light your pool you can swim at night. You can let guests swim in the dark when you have parties. Plus, if there’s ever a concern that small children, inexperienced swimmers, or pets will be near the pool at night, the lights will greatly enhance visibility and safety.

In-pool lights are typically installed during construction, before the pool is filled up with water. Once they’re installed, not only do they enhance visibility, increase your use of the pool, and create a warm ambience, maintenance is a cinch – it comes down to just replacing the bulbs from time to time.

Do You Love Night Swimming?

We’ve found that a lot of our customers want to be able to swim day and night, and they have different reasons for this. Some folks can’t swim until after work. Some prefer to swim when it’s cooler outside and less humid. Others like to swim before dawn, before they get their day started. And of course, there’s always the issue of safety. Lights simply make night swimming safer, especially for youngsters who are less experienced swimmers.

Do Lights Have to Be Installed During Construction?

The best times to install pool lights is during construction or during renovations. So, if you’re installing an in-ground pool in the near future, now is definitely the time to decide what you want as far as pool lighting is concerned. Or, if you’re draining your pool and planning on doing some maintenance or renovations, now is a good time too.

“But are pool lights safe?” They are very safe as long as they are installed by professionals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. When modern pool lights are installed correctly, and according to local building codes, they’re safe and virtually risk-free.

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We hope this article answered some of your questions. If you’re looking for pool lighting technicians in the Greater Atlanta Area, contact Lighting Bug Electric to explore all of your pool lighting options.

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