Are Heated Dog Beds Safe?

Dog sleeping on a wood floor in the sunlight. It's very cute.

Although Atlanta has relatively mild temperatures, it can get pretty cold in the fall and winter months. When the temperatures start to drop, it’s common for dog owners to start looking for ways to keep their pets warm and cozy until spring arrives. Aside from doggy sweaters, some pet owners may consider buying a heated bed to keep their furry friend from turning into a pupsicle.

Heated Dog Bed FAQs

Heated dog beds are designed to work on a lower voltage that’s safe for dogs. Still, it’s important to always monitor your dog around electrical cords to make sure they don’t injure themselves or cause an electrical hazard.

Do heated dog beds pose electrical hazards?

As with all electrical appliances and devices, there’s always a slight risk of an electrical fire caused by frayed or damaged wires.

What if my dog chews the cord?

Some heated dog beds use a cord, while others are wireless. If you buy one with a cord, make sure it’s a chew-resistant cord, and make sure the bed cover is removable in order to clean it. If your fur friend is particularly mouthy, it may be better to opt for a wireless option or use a self-warming bed as an alternative to electrically heated beds.

Does my dog need a heated bed?

Heated dog beds are an investment that can certainly make dogs more comfortable in the cold, but they’re not a necessity. There are many alternatives to help your dog stay warm in cooler temperatures.

What temperatures are comfortable for dogs?

The answer can depend on what kind of dog you have, but typically, your dog will be comfortable in a home that is kept between 75 and 78 degrees. On colder mornings, a good rule of thumb is to feel the floors in your home—if you’re cold, chances are your pet will be too.

4 Safety Tips for Heated Dog Beds

If you’re considering buying a heated dog bed for your canine, keep the following in mind:

  • If you have an elderly dog with a health condition like hip dysplasia, a spinal injury, arthritis, or a joint problem, a heated dog bed may increase your pet’s comfort. However, if your dog gets uncomfortably hot, they may have difficulty getting off the heated dog bed, so you should supervise them at all times.
  • If your dog has short fur, a heated dog bed may be a good option to help them stay warm during cold spells.
  • Make sure you use a heated bed made specifically for pets. You may have an electric blanket in your closet, but that does not mean it’s safe for pets. You should only use a heated bed designed for dogs.
  • Always make sure that cords are out of your dog’s reach to prevent them from being injured. If you have a puppy, supervise them at all times when on the heated bed.

Everyone deserves to be warm, and it becomes more important to keep our dogs warm as they get older or if they have health conditions that make it harder for them to deal with the cold. Fortunately, there are lots of heated dog beds on the market for us to choose from, but with the safety tips surrounding the use of space heaters and electric blankets, it’s normal to be cautious. If you need an Atlanta electrical contractor, contact Lightning Bug Electric today!