The Ultimate Home Theater Lighting Guide


Ever since the world shut down in March 2020, society has looked for ways to make everyday activities common in their own home. With a limited amount of movie theater access, homeowners have started bringing the theater to their house. The lines for popcorn are nonexistent, the seats are cozier, and you don’t have to worry about anyone being too loud. But there is one common issue: How in the world do you properly light your home theater?

The Types of Theater Lighting

It’s a common misconception that theaters need to be in very dark rooms. But this just isn’t true. Watching a movie in a dark room can be damaging to your eyes and can even cause headaches. So, what’s your best option? It’s important to find a lighting fixture that provides the right balance of dim lighting while still allowing you and your guests to watch a movie in relative darkness. Let’s explore three types of home theater lighting solutions:

Overhead Fixtures

These are most commonly found in art galleries. These bulbs are assembled in rows of 5 or 6 and are easy to replace when they go out. Not to mention these fixtures are relatively cheap and can assist any home theater audience member who has issues with losing remotes between the cracks of a recliner. One drawback of overhead fixtures is the lack of dim lighting they provide. Though some fixtures might have a setting where they can dim, it still might be too bright to include in a home theater.

Precautionary Fixtures

Any home theater that has more than one row of seating should include precautionary floor and step lights. The last thing you want is for a guest to trip over a step and spill popcorn in the middle of a movie’s climax scene. A hidden step can make this nightmare a reality. Therefore, one of the best ways to attack precautionary fixtures is to buy a strip of LED lights and apply them to a step facing down. This way the light shines on the stairs rather than into the face of someone looking down. A sufficiently lit floor in a movie room is critical to a safe cinema experience.

Accent Fixtures

This type of lighting will take your home theater from a cheap movie theater ticket to a highly acclaimed premiere show. Accent lighting can be installed to showcase any posters or art pieces in the room. Most interior decorators will advise installing accent lights down the side walls in order to give your home cinema a public movie theater feel. One way to get innovative with your accent fixtures is to buy color-changing LEDs. This way you can change the color of your accent lights based on the type of show or event you’re watching. Not only do these lights set you apart from across-the-street competition, but they can also provide the right amount of dimness for your room.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Home theater lighting can make or break your movie experience. Whether you’re cleaning the room, or trying to make it safe, the right light fixtures can take your room to the next level. Our team at Lightning Bug Electric would be happy to consult with you for all your home theater lighting needs. For more information on the type of fixtures that would best benefit your home theater, contact us today!

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