Which Type of Under-Cabinet Lighting Is Best for Your Home?


Under-cabinet lighting can be very beneficial in places where you spend a lot of time with materials in both hands. For instance, a kitchen, laundry room, or furnished workshop. When assessing the room in which you want to add under-cabinet lighting, it’s critical to weigh your options. There are various types, and each provides a different type of shade of light. Let’s take a look at four of the most common types of under-cabinet lighting alternatives and the benefits they offer:

LED Strip/Bar Lights

Most commonly installed in kitchens, LED strips can help provide an even amount of lighting under a cabinet. This helps when cooking or preparing food on a kitchen counter or if you’re trying to assemble some sort of mechanism with a wide variety of tools. Not only does installation of these lights take a relatively short amount of time, but the bulb inside these bars can also have a long lifespan. LED bulbs are some of the most efficient in the lighting industry, however, some homeowners prefer other types of bulbs because they feel LEDs can be dimmer than other options. It comes down to personal preference.

Puck Lights

These fixtures get their name from their shape, appearing like that of a hockey puck. Any dark closets or storage spaces can be a great place to use puck lights. While they’re much smaller than bar/strip lights, they’re also much more durable and inexpensive to replace. The shape of puck lights shines in a cylinder-like fashion, creating a spotlight-type feel. This means if you’re trying to brighten areas under kitchen cabinets, you might need to install a high number of puck lights. However, as previously mentioned, these fixtures are relatively cheap so it may not be a bad option.

Xenon Lights

Known as one of the older options for under-cabinet lighting, xenon lights still provide a bright white light that can make any counter space look like it’s ready for a home cooking T.V. show. One benefit to xenon lights is their 3-way switch wiring abilities. This allows the user to turn these lights on from more than one spot in the room. Another advantage to xenon lights is the potential for dimming the light. Most xenon lights offer three stages: bright, regular, dim, and off. This is beneficial for any homeowner who does various tasks in their under-cabinet spaces. One drawback to xenon lights is their tendency to overheat. It can create a potential hazard for any vulnerable object placed below the light.

Fluorescent Lights

Commonly found in large office buildings and schools, fluorescent lights can still be a great option for your under-cabinet space. While they are probably the most expensive option, they also have one of the longest lifespans, not to mention the positive impact these lights will have on your energy bill. One drawback of these lights is that they contain hazardous material that could pose a threat to humans when they crack or break. But with the proper tools and professional installation, this doesn’t have to be a concern for homeowners.

Find Your Lighting Solutions Today!

Finding the right solution to your under-cabinet space isn’t always easy. There are a handful of options, so it’s important to find the light fixture that best suits your situation. At Lightning Bug Electricour team of lighting professionals would be happy to hear from you and assess your under-cabinet circumstances.

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