Why Does My Electric Space Heater Keep Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

Why Does My Electric Space Heater Keep Tripping My Circuit Breaker? 

Electric space heaters often trip circuit breakers in homes due to their large power demands. When multiple electric space heaters are used at the same time, even more electricity is drawn from the home’s electrical system. This can quickly overload a home’s wiring and cause a circuit breaker to trip. Many electric space heaters are rated for up to 1,500 watts, so it’s important for homeowners to be aware of how much draw their appliance requires beforehand. As a rule of thumb, any combination of appliances that exceed a total wattage of 2,500 can potentially cause a circuit breaker to trip.  

Tip for Avoiding Problems with Your Space Heater 

To avoid tripping a circuit breaker due to an overabundance of electric space heaters in your home, you should be sure to check how many watts each heater is drawing and keep track of the total wattage being consumed by all appliances. This may seem unnecessary and cumbersome, but if you are committed to supplementing your heat output this winter, it’s an important step. Additionally, homeowners using space heaters this winter should consider investing in a wattmeter or similar device that will measure the current load on your home's electrical system at any given time. If you find that you need more power than your home's wiring can supply, then it may be necessary for you to hire an electrician to upgrade your wiring or install additional circuits so your electric space heaters can function without causing problems.  

Appliance Maintenance and Safety is Key

It’s also important for homeowners to make sure their electric space heaters are being used safely and according to manufacturer specifications. Inadequate ventilation can lead directly to overheating which could result in a tripped circuit breaker as well as create a fire hazard. Making sure that each appliance has adequate clearance around it and routinely checking cords for signs of wear and tear will help ensure safety while also improving efficiency and reducing energy costs associated with operating these devices. With regular maintenance and an awareness of how much electricity they require, electric space heaters should work reliably without running into issues. Space heaters are a convenient and cost-effective way to supplement your home heating system, but it's important to realize they can also be dangerous if not used properly. If you find that your electric space heater is causing frequent trips of your circuit breakers, it may be time for an inspection by a licensed electrician who has experience with these types of issues. If you are concerned about your system, it could be prudent to have your electrical wiring and circuits inspected before adding space heaters to your system.  

The Importance of Working with a Licensed Electrician  

If you have an electric space heater that keeps tripping your home's circuit breaker, don't wait until it causes costly repairs or even worse, a hazardous fire. Reach out to the experienced electricians at Lightning Bug Electric and get the help you need before it's too late. Our licensed and certified electricians are highly qualified and standing ready to inspect your electrical system and address any potential hazards with precision and reliability. We take pride in our thorough inspections and can provide valuable recommendations for upgrades or replacements that can make your home safer and more efficient. Make sure you contact Lightning Bug Electric today for professional assistance with any electrical issue related to your space heater. Call our specialists today at (404) 471-3847 to schedule an appointment.